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About Us

Since 2019, the Empowerment and Rehabilitation Center for Adults with Disabilities, administered by the FEBE Foundation, has operated next to the Reformed Parish Between Lakes in Cluj-Napoca on Târnavelor Street no.1.

While assisting our residents, we emphasize Christian values and respect for basic principles, such as equal opportunities preventing and combating discrimination, respect for human rights, dignity, and integrity and fundamental freedoms.


The services are provided by a handful of dedicated people.

Our multidisciplinary team includes social workers, a psychologist, an art therapist, a doctor (collaboration), nurses, caregivers, a psychotherapist (collaboration), physiotherapists (collaboration), a cleaning manager, a specialist in therapy and animal-assisted activities (collaboration), and volunteers.

Residential center

The residential center has a capacity of 16 beds in a modern 2-story building.

The center provides a welcoming home and a family atmosphere. Residents are accommodated in rooms for 2 people, equipped with beds, bedside tables, and wardrobes. They are encouraged to personalize their space with family photos or personal and decorative objects to add comfort and a sense of security.


"Empowerment and Rehabilitation Center for Adults with Disabilities" holds the establishment permit no. 11132 / 15.05.2020 and the operating license no. D767 / 10.08.2020 issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children, and Adoptions.

Information and social assistance
Psychological counseling
Habilitation and rehabilitation activities
Care and assistance with daily activities
Activities for maintaining / developing cognitive skills
Activities for maintaining / developing daily skills
Activities for maintaining / developing communication skills
Activities for maintaining / developing mobility skills
Activities for maintaining / developing self-care skills
Activities for maintaining / developing interaction skills
Activities for maintaining / developing physical health skills
Activities for maintaining / developing self-management skills
Activities for maintaining / improving the level of education / preparation for work



A special place where people with disabilities are treated as family. A special project built with soul. Thanks to the Kozma family and the staff involved!


A pleasant location with the warmth of a family home. With the support of the staff and their empathy, they make the place wonderful.


"A place that brings peace and trust, full of life and inclination for the humanity in us… and last but not least, a place where something always happens to which everyone contributes."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can an adult with disabilities stay in the center?

At the request of the family, adults with disabilities can stay with us for the rest of their lives. The contract is for one year and can be renewed.

How much is the monthly fee? What does it include?

Currently, the personal contribution is 3500 RON. This amount does not include incontinence medications and equipment.

What can a person with disabilities bring to the center?

Personal items, favorite pieces of furniture, a TV, and ornaments that will make the new environment even more familiar.

Is there a waiting list? How can I sign up?

Yes, there is a waiting list. You can be added by downloading the application and filling it out at home. Or you can completed it in-person at the headquarters.



Center Coordinator:
Kulcsár Evelin
0364 140 569
0740 340 997


Târnavelor 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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