About Us

The Empowerment and Rehabilitation Center For Adults with Disabilities, administered by the FEBE Foundation, operates next to the Reformed Parish Between Lakes in Cluj-Napoca since 2019, on Târnavelor Street no.1. While assisting people we emphasize Christian values and respect for basic principles such as equal opportunities, preventing and combating discrimination, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and respect for human dignity and integrity.

The purpose of the social service “Empowerment and Rehabilitation Center for Adults with Disabilities” is to provide accommodation services, a set of activities that meet the social and individual needs of adults with disabilities in order to overcome difficulties, prevent and combat the risk of social exclusion, promoting social inclusion and increasing the quality of life.

The residential center is an alternative to loneliness, isolation and an opportunity to be in a family environment with people who also have certain difficulties, and the feeling of belonging, usefulness, personal value become the basis of involvement and desire for personal development. This is provided through a wide range of group activities and / or individual counseling, community activities based on the needs of each beneficiary.

The beneficiaries of the service are people in situations of difficulty, vulnerability, adults with a degree of disability over the age of 18 with domicile / residence in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County.

The services are provided by a handful of dedicated people, a multidisciplinary team consisting of social workers, psychologist, art therapist, doctor (collaboration), nurse, nurse, caregivers, psychotherapist (collaboration), physiotherapists (collaboration), cleaning manager, specialist in therapy and animal-assisted activities (collaboration), volunteers.


Residential center

The residential center has a capacity of 16 beds in a modern 2-storey building. The center provides a welcoming home and a family atmosphere, the beneficiaries are accommodated in rooms for 2 people equipped with beds, bedside tables, wardrobes. Beneficiaries are encouraged to personalize their space with family photos or personal / decorative objects thus adding comfort and a sense of security.